“Not all mysteries are solvable, but prize comes in the pursuit.” Called “the most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet”, Cicada 3301 is the name given to an organization that posts complex puzzles for public consumption on or around the 5th of January every year. First surfacing in 2012 via a post on 4chan, users were given a month to solve a set of increasingly complex puzzles. Who is behind this group, what is the end goal of the puzzles, and how could anyone solve them?

Some of Our Research:
The story of Cicada 3301
The Cicada Wiki
The Cicada Reddit page

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The Voynich Manuscript, written about 500 years ago in an unknown script, has eluded all attempts at deciphering it. What does the text mean? What do the illustrations actually represent? Where did it come from? Thinking Sideways looks at it from every angle and enlists the help of Dr. Stephen Bax in trying to understand what it is all about.

Some of our Research:
The basic wiki
It was written by Leonardo da Vinci
It is a cypher
Dr. Bax’s partial decoding of the text
Tiaz and Tiaz have a different take
The manuscript was written in New Spain
It is just plain gibberish