Unexplained deaths

The body of Elisa Lam was discovered in a water tank on the top of the Hotel Cecil in Los Angles on February 19th, 2013. How she got there, why she was there, and what happened to her in the days before her death are still unknown. The only thing that is known for sure is that she was alive on the 1st of February exhibiting unusual behavior. What happened to this girl?

Some of our Research:
An overview
Conspiracies abound
Reviewing the tape
The creepy approach

Eye Spy a spy

Six weeks after the JFK assassination, a KGB agent who had been working for the CIA defected to the US, claiming to have information about Lee Harvey Oswald.  Yuri Nosenko’s defection eventually led to purges in the CIA and still haunts the agency, with allegations of cover-ups of information relating to the assassination, and hints at the possibility of a mole in US intelligence.

Some of our Research:
Yuri’s Wiki
From the New York Times
Misrepresented facts?
An interview about Nosenko