McCormick Cypher

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In 1999 Ricky McCormick was killed on the side of a freeway, 12 years later the FBI finally asks the public for help in decrypting a cypher found in his pants pocket. Ricky wrote them and to this day no one is really sure what them mean.

Some of Our Research:
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Crime Scene Investigators
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The Glomar Explorer

Glomar Explorer

A Cold War mystery, featuring the CIA, Howard Hughes, a sunken Soviet sub and quite possibly a sunken American sub too. With cover stories inside cover stories and weak government explanations for obvious questions, this one is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma zip-locked inside a mystery.

Some of Our Research:
Project Azorian/Jennifer
The moon pool! A drawing
Glomar Explorer complete specs
The Silent War by John Craven

The Ghost Blimp

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L-8 Blimp

On August 16th, 1942 the US Navy airship the L-8 set off on a routine mission in the early hours of the morning. When the ship returned to the California coast nearly 5 hours later the crew had mysteriously disappeared. No one knows what ever happened to them.

Some of Our Research:
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