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Joseph Newton Chandler III

Joseph Newton Chandler III

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When police responded to the suicide of Joseph Newton Chandler III, they figured it would be pretty routine. He’d shot himself in the head in his apartment, case closed. However, when probate lawyers took hold of the case, they found out that the real Joseph Newton Chandler III had died 57 years prior in a car accident with his parents. This now John Doe has never been identified, but clues into his life are nothing if not intriguing.

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Who was Lori Erica Ruff

Lori Erica Ruff

After her death by suicide in 2010, Lori Erica Ruff (nee Kennedy) was discovered by her family to have been living under a false name, and that her real name was Becky Turner, except… Becky Turner died in 1971 at the age of 2. Who was Lori Ruff? Lots of people have been trying to find out, with no success.

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