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Death of Samora Machel


On October 19th 1986 Mozambican president Samora Machel and his staff were flying to the capital city when their plane changed course and subsequently crashed in South Africa. The crash killed Machel and 33 others who were on-board. Was it an accident or was it an amazingly executed assassination plot straight out of a Die Hard movie?

Some of Our Research:
The TRC report
Claims by Louw
Words against South Africa

Disappearance of Hale Boggs

hale boggs

In 1972 Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich boarded a Cessna to fly from Anchorage, AK to Juneau. The plane never made it, and no wreckage was ever found. Was it an accident… or murder?

Some of Our Research:
The story
Intentionally ignored information?
Political enemies at work

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