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The Long Island Serial Killer


In 2010 the bodies of four prostitutes were found wrapped in burlap and buried in the brush on Oak Island NY. The next year 6 more sets of remains would be found, most of them believed to also have been prostitutes. Is a single serial killer using Oak Island as a dumping ground? Is it multiple serial killers? Or are they all unrelated?

Some of Our Research:
Information on the victims
More case details
Shannan was strangled?

The Atlanta Ripper

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Atlanta Ripper

For two years in the early 20th century, the black community of Atlanta was terrorized by a serial killer whose crimes eerily resembled those of Jack the Ripper. The killer was never caught.

Some of Our Research:
The absolute basics
A short version
A long form version

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Tube Sock Killer?

tube sock killer

In 1985 two couples were killed in the woods south of Tacoma, Washington. The bodies of each the female victims were found with a knotted tube sock tied around their neck. Is this the hallmark of an unknown serial killer or just a set of coincidentally related murders?

Some of Our Research:
About Steven and Ruth
About Michael and Diana
Inescapable details?