Jack the Ripper


Jack the Ripper terrorized London in 1888, 5 women are attributed to having died horrifically by his hand but no one is certain if that number is correct. Who was he, why did he do it, and where did he go? These are questions that have plagued everyone who has looked into this mystery for the last 120 years.

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The Mad Axeman of New Orleans

Mad axman

For 18 months in the years 1918-19, a serial killer terrorized the citizens of New Orleans, his favored method of murder earning him a grisly nickname: “The Axeman”.  The murders have never been solved.

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Cleveland Torso Murders


Also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, this mystery circles around a still unidentified serial killer responsible for at least 12 grisly murders in the Cleveland area in the 1930’s. The murder’s MO? Dismemberment of low-class citizens, making the bodies often impossible to identify.

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Gateway to Hell

stull ks

According to local legend a Gateway to Hell is located in Stull, Kansas. Each year on Halloween Satan uses this gateway to visit the earth. What is he doing and why is the gateway located in a tiny town in the middle of Kansas?

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Jim Thompson


In 1967 Jim Thompson, a former spy with the OSS, more recently a very successful businessman in Bangkok, left the house where he was staying (in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia)… and never returned. And no trace of him was ever found.

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