Murder most Foul


John Bingham, known as Lord Lucan, was a charismatic noble with expensive tastes and a gambling habit who separated from his wife in 1972 and lost custody of his children in 1973. On November 7th, 1974 someone killed the children’s nanny and attacked Binghams’s wife. The Lord was heard from briefly the following day and then disappeared. Where did he go?

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The Lucan wiki
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Murder most Foul


Al and Jeannie Mills were devoted members of the People’s Temple of San Francisco until 1975, when they “defected”. For this they were excoriated by Jim Jones, leader of the Temple, who reportedly called for their deaths not long before his own, in Jonestown, Guyana, in November 1978. In February 1980, the Mills (f/k/a Mertles) and their daughter Daphene were found murdered in their Berkeley home. By a Temple hit squad?

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So much Jonestown information
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