Amazing coincidences

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On September 11, 1997, on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM show, a frantic caller claiming to be a recent employee at Area 51 made some startling revelations. A few minutes into the call, the Coast to Coast AM broadcast is mysteriously disrupted. Seventeen years later, a man calls a different show called Fade to Black, claiming to have made the whole thing up. Was the call really a hoax? And if so, what took out the broadcast?

Some of Our Research:
The original call
17 years later
Area 51 law suit

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Amazing coincidences

Smiley Face killer

In 2008, a group of investigators went public with a story they’d been looking into since 1997, involving more than 45 deaths. If true, the theory is that one of the most prolific serial killers ever is currently on the loose, killing athletic college-aged men. But the links between these 45 deaths are thin, at best, and the argument for the Smiley Face Killer might not be as strong as many think.

Some of Our Research:
A recent find
The analysis of Patrick McNeill
Drowning the theory