Unexplained deaths


In March 1982, a GEC-Marconi scientist who had worked on the project code-named Star Wars died in a fatal car accident. In the decade following, 25 other scientists employed by GEC-Marconi died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Was GEC-Marconi hiring a high volume of unstable people? Or did this group of scientist know too much?

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Unexplained deaths

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Abismo Negro

On March 22nd, 2009, the body of luchador Abismo Negro was found drown under a bridge near El Rosario Mexico. Appearing to be in an unusually agitated state he had demanded that the driver of the bus he was on pull over in seemingly the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. No one knows what happened to him between the time he exited the bus and when his body was found the next day.

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Unexplained deaths

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Blair Adams

Canadian Blair Adams’ body was found on July 11th, 1996 in the parking lot of a hotel that was under construction in Knoxville Tennessee, wearing a ripped shirt and nothing else. Somewhere between $4-6k in US, Canadian, and German currency was spread on the ground around the body. No one knows why Blair was in Knoxville or who is responsible for his death.

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Unexplained deaths

tupac and biggie

Tupac Shakur and Christopher George Latore Wallace died just 6 months apart, both under similar mysterious circumstances. Likewise, both had albums released shortly after their deaths which contained references to faking death- to varying degrees of subtly. Did they fake their deaths? Were they offed by the Illuminati? Or is something even more sinister at play?

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