The Nazi Bell


An old Polish intelligence file reveals the confession of a Nazi war criminal that the Germans were developing something which might have changed the course of WWII. Was the Nazi Bell a super weapon? An anti-gravity device? A time machine? And where did it disappear to?

Some of our Research:
The heavy science behind the idea
A bell reproduction?
Some interesting debate/thoughts

The Beale Cypher


In the early 1800’s a hotel owner was entrusted with a locked box, when he eventually opened it he found that it contained 3 coded messages. The coded messages were supposedly described the location of a buried treasure. Only one of the cyphers has been broken. The answer to the others, like the treasure itself, has never been found.

Some of our Research:
All about the history
A cryptographers perspective
The treasures been found?

The Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich Manuscript, written about 500 years ago in an unknown script, has eluded all attempts at deciphering it. What does the text mean? What do the illustrations actually represent? Where did it come from? Thinking Sideways looks at it from every angle and enlists the help of Dr. Stephen Bax in trying to understand what it is all about.

Some of our Research:
The basic wiki
It was written by Leonardo da Vinci
It is a cypher
Dr. Bax’s partial decoding of the text
Tiaz and Tiaz have a different take
The manuscript was written in New Spain
It is just plain gibberish