A German man exclaims “Now I understand!” to his wife, scrawls an unintelligible word on a piece of paper. Hours later he’s found naked and near death in his wrecked car. Turns out he was injured by being RUN OVER by a car…

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At around 3am on February 25th, 1942, the US Army began firing at an unknown object, or possibly multiple objects, over Los Angeles. After half an hour of intense shelling the firing stopped and when the smoke cleared nothing was found. No enemy aircraft. No enemy wreckage. No enemy casualties. If there was nothing there then what were they firing at?

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This week we look at three smaller mysteries that are similar and try to get to the bottom of things.

Mel’s hole
Mel Waters called in to the Art Bell show in 1997 and described a “bottomless” hole located on his property. To this day no one has ever seen it besides Mel and a man by the name of Red Elk.
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All about Mel and his holes

Devil Kettle Falls
One half of the Brule River flows over a waterfall and continues to flow downstream until it meets Lake Superior, the other half pours directly into a hole and disappears. Where does all that water go?
Some science about the hole
Even more about the hole and a great video

The Band of Holes
On the side of the Nazca plateau in Peru there is a band of holes carved into the side of the mountain. They extend for over a mile and to this day nobody know who or why they were carved.
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