In February 1942, the Free French Navy submarine Surcouf departed Bermuda for Australia, via the Panama Canal. She never reached the canal, and disappeared without a trace, leading to accusations of conspiracy and betrayal, along with the usual Bermuda Triangle angle.

Some of our Research:More about a sub than you thought possible
Did the Brits do it?
Old sea dogs discuss

Baghdad Battery

Baghdad battery

Baghdad, Iraq, 1939, a new curator takes over the National Museum of Iraq, bringing to light a confusing discovery- a ceramic pot with a metallic rod inside. Speculation over what this artifact is, what it was used for, and why it produces electricity has run rampant ever since.

Some of our Research:
Biblical clues maybeThe wiki on it
Possible flaws in the theories

1991 VG

A near-earth-object that was seemingly metallic and approximately 10 meters across went past the earth in 1991. Instead of looking like a piece of space rock it showed characteristics of a “made” object. It looks like it could have been made by an intelligent species, did we send it or did someone else?

Some of our Research:
A great orbital diagramDuncan Steels’ original paper
A scientific approach
Steels’ paper reinterpreted