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In post WWII Germany the Colorado potato beetle began decimating crops. No one knows why they appeared that in such great numbers that season. Did the US dropped them there as a form of biological warfare, did they just happen to accidentally invade, or was it someone else?

Some of our Research:
A full debriefing
Investigative research on the subject
First hand accounts

Anjikuni Lake

Anjikuni Lake

In late 1930, the inhabitants of an Inuit village in Canada’s Northwest Territories disappeared without a trace, leaving food, clothing, guns and more behind. What evil caused them to flee–or, perhaps… took them? And what about those mysterious blue lights seen in the night sky by trappers and Canadian Mounties in the area? Stay tuned…

Some of Our Research:
The origins of the story?
A sober look at it
The fantastic way to see it


The Bloop

In 1997, in a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean, just west of the southern tip of South America an incredibly powerful ultra-low-frequency noise is picked up by hydrophones monitored by the NOAA. We think sideways in hopes that it will help us to discover the source of this unexplained sound.

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Wired’s take
A light version
The Wiki
Some Interesting facts